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Expense & Reporting

Simplifying Your Business Travel Expensing and Reporting

When it comes to expensing travel, many will find that it is not only costly to process but also costly if mistakes are made while manually inputting information. Having travel management software integrated with your expense management system lets you automate and pull expenses quickly, creating transparent reports and data, leading to higher quality control of all expense reporting.

Why Automating Reporting is Important

We are in an era where travel is one of the greatest expenses for most businesses, and paper receipts and reporting are old news. According to CFO Edge, it costs an average of $41.12 to process a single expense report using manual processes, but only $7.17 when the process is automated. By automating these reports, travel managers are able to drastically cut costs and reduce unnecessary spending, allowing businesses to reinvest this money into their travel programs. Additionally, digital reporting creates a seamless process for both the travel arranger and traveler, eliminating errors and mistakes, and makes approving expenses a much faster process.

Ground Travel Management Simplified

Brio provides the ability to create customizable reports, making expensing an easy process. These reports are typically generated through Excel or Adobe PDF, which allows the most-needed information and data points to be segmented and filtered with ease. Download invoices for specific rides, or pull ride information such as pick-up and drop-off times and locations, total fare cost, car class, confirmation ID, and more.

These reporting features are designed to help save time on paperwork and number-crunching, while also making it easier for managers and administrators to see opportunities for savings, greater efficiency, and problem-solving.

Visit GroundLink’s corporate account center and start simplifying your ground travel program, today!

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