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New Driver App Feature: Set Availability

A standard work schedule that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. As a company filled with a variety of busy individuals, we understand the need to have access to a flexible schedule to manage one’s life.

Using the ‘Set Availability’ feature, drivers can prioritize their week and make sure that they are able to work around whatever they may have to do. This gives our drivers freedom to control their own work days and the power to use their time as they see fit.

Through the driver app, you can set the availability to start your day from any location you choose in two simple steps:

  1. Set your Start Time and Location
  2. Set your End Time and Location

For example, if you come from Harlem and can’t start driving in Manhattan until 8 am, you can set the start of your day at 8 am. If you need to pick your kids up from school at 4 pm in Harlem, then set the end time to 3 pm in Harlem, so that you can pick them up from school at 4 pm.

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