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New Driver App Feature: Add a Stop

With passengers leading busy lives moving from one location to the next, it can be a difficult to manage one’s schedule within time constraints. Customers might want to make stops that were not part of their original itinerary, but now instead of having to call dispatch to add them, the driver can do it himself thru the app.

GroundLink has a feature on its driver app that enables drivers to add an extra stop for passengers on-the-go, who need more than the regular pick-up and drop-off.

Add a Stop” is available in “Picked Up” status.

Once you’ve picked up the passenger, “Add a Stop” button will appear on job preview:

New screen with a map will open so you can either:

  • Pin Location
  • Search by landmark
  • Add stop address manually

If you select the wrong pinpoint, location, or address, you have the opportunity to correct it, but only before selecting the ‘Done’ button. Once ‘Done’ is clicked on, the stops cannot be reordered and/or deleted.

  • Delete – red button next to the stop address
  • Reorder – hold the stop address and move it in different order
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