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Category: Drivers

Dress to Impress

Whenever you go on duty, you are representing GroundLink. Make sure you dress professionally and represent the company accurately, even the smallest details matter! To … Read More »

Clean Car = Happy Passengers

Make sure you keep your car clean throughout the day! Passengers love getting into a clean vehicle, it makes them feel safe and good about … Read More »

Safety First!

Whenever you’re on the road, be cautious of everything and everyone around you! Here are some simple ways to keep you and your passenger safe! … Read More »

Difficult Passenger? You got this.

Everyone has bad days, and our clients are no different. Whenever you get a difficult passenger, please remember to stay professional and respectful at all … Read More »

Request a Going Home Job

After you’re done at least one ride in 24 hours, you can request a job to take you home. Just go into your app, click … Read More »

When Circling…

Finding parking, especially in Manhattan, is always a struggle. Luckily, on the driver app, there is an option to circle. When you are within .2 … Read More »

Improve Your Ratings

Ratings determine your standing with GroundLink and higher ratings help you get better jobs! Follow these simple steps to improve your ratings and earn more! … Read More »

Perks of Being a Loyal Driver

Complete 80 jobs a month with us, and receive all the perks of being a loyal driver! Enjoy perks such as, being prioritized by auto … Read More »